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About Tony

​Tony Stockwell is an international Psychic Medium, Author, Teacher and Speaker with a career spanning over 35 years.

He is a Certificate holder of the Spiritualist National Union Award (CSNU) in Teaching, Demonstrating and Speaking, a recognition he is very proud of after examinations and assessments by the Spiritualists National Union.

Tony Stockwell is the most recognised British Medium, working globally today.  With a career spanning more than 35 years, he continues to demonstrate both evidential and trance mediumship to worldwide audiences, with his uncanny ability to bring through the very essence of the spirit communicator in his heartfelt, yet humorous delivery.

With decades of solo national tours and joint international tours with other world-renowned mediums such as James Van Praagh and Colin Fry, Tony’s popularity was showcased in The Best of British Mediumship tours (2005,2006,2007), filling 3000-seater venues such as The London Palladium.

Tony has a host of TV series to his name, from The Psychic Detective, Street Psychic, Psychic School, and Psychic Academy.  As well as several one-off special shows such as Street Psychic San Francisco and The National ESP Challenge.  Tony’s back-catalogue appearances include The Legend Detectives (Discovery)The 6ixth SenseThe Mystery of Body 115 ,The 3 Mediums (original line-up) and Psychic Private Eyes.

With friend Colin Fry, Living TV filmed a series of live mediumship demonstrations entitled The Best of British Mediumship.  New World Music also released a live DVD called An Evening of Mediumship with Tony Stockwell in 2009.

Tony remains a passionate advocate for the continual advancement and development of spiritual communication.  As a world-leading tutor, he runs an expansive list of courses both in-person and online.  He continues to be a resident tutor at The Arthur Findlay College (home of the Spiritual National Union) Stanstead Hall, UK and teaches regularly at the globally renowned Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY, USA.  Tony travels to demonstrate, teach and lecture at multiple other global centres across Australia, Florida, New Jersey, Los Angeles, as well as closer to home at The College of Psychic Studies in London.  Follow his events updated live.

Tony Stockwell About

Tony has so far published four highly acclaimed best-selling books. His first book Spirited released in 2004, has been reprinted multiple times and remains a best seller, followed shortly thereafter by industry acclaimed, Embracing Eternity in 2006.  As a renowned psychic detective, The Psychic Case Files, enabled Tony to share some of his insight across his work with unsolved and mysterious cases and a favourite with many of Tony’s fans is Walking with Angels, published in 2010, in which he talks about many of the life changing and miraculous encounters that he has had with spirits and angels.

The quality of Tony’s voice and his connection to spirit is expressed beautifully through his teaching and instructional audio-work: Getting to know your guides; Healing the Wounded Soul; Heighten your spiritual awareness; Angel Experience and Journey to the Spirit Realms, which can all be purchased here.  Tony has recorded three new digital meditations for download via his merchandise shop, called Spiritual Bliss, Union of Souls and Past Life Embrace.  

Tony has had a lifelong connection to spirit. From his earliest recollection he could see and hear spirit and had the ability to know things before they actually happened.  Born in the East End of London, Tony remains part of a close-nit family.  His early childhood was a happy one and much the same as any other.  It was in his school years and moving into his teens, when Tony started to experience more intense paranormal events. This led him at 16 years of age, to attend a local Spiritualist Church to watch the Medium work.  As soon as he stood in the church, there was no turning back, he knew exactly what was expected of him and his gifts.

Over the years that have followed, Tony has demonstrated his commitment to this work, taking every opportunity to develop and demonstrate the power of spiritual communication, reuniting relatives with their departed loved ones and bringing healing to the bereaved. He develops and mentors so many other leading mediums working today.  He is always striving to push the boundaries of his work, remains authentic to the blessings that his abilities can bring to others and truly demonstrates his infectious positivity in all of his work.


Tony has so far published four highly acclaimed best-selling books, published by Hodder and Stoughton (under the Hodder Mobius imprint). You can click on item titles to purchase books.

Spirit Guides


His first book, ‘SPIRITED’ was published in October 2004, and had sold out and gone to a reprint within 4 weeks of publication. To date there have been 5 reprints of this book and it still remains on the core stock list of many UK book retailers.

Spirit Guides


Tony’s second book, ‘EMBRACING ETERNITY’ was published in June 2006. This book has received excellent reviews and the initial print run sold out within the first week of publication. Tony Ortzen, author, and also editor of ‘The Psychic News’ and ‘Two Worlds’, described this book as, ‘One of the best a medium has ever written’.

Spirit Guides


Tony’s third book ‘THE PSYCHIC CASE FILES’ was published towards the end of 2007 and continues to be one of the best sellers for its publisher in its genre. Exploring different aspects to Tony’s psychic and mediumistic work, this book explores how Tony’s gift can offer insight into unsolved and mysterious cases, and also how spirit messages through mediums can bring closure.

Spirit Guides


Tony’s book ‘WALKING WITH ANGELS’ was published in May 2010. This highly acclaimed book details Tony’s’ experiences where the Spirit World has touched individual lives. For many, some miraculous encounters have been life changing. Tony details how some highly evolved spirits have an angelic like quality and divine purpose for the greater good.

Tony’s Instructional CDs

To date, Tony has also released seven teaching and instructional CD’s in collaboration with New World Music and which are among their bestselling titles. More details can be found on Tony’s Merchandise Page.