Dates: Friday Sept 15th 2pm – Monday 18th 3pm 2017
Dublin-2017Venue: The Maldron Hotel (prev called Bewley) , Newlands Cross, Dublin 22

Susan Hughes is delighted to announce that Tony Stockwell will be running his 4 day intensive mediumship seminar/workshop in Dublin, Ireland for the first time. During the weekend Tony be offering his students in-depth guidance and tutorship to assist them in fulfilling their potential to be the best medium they can be and to be a clear and truthful voice for spirit and the spirit world.

A fantastic development seminar focusing on the ‘the message’ aspect of a Mediums work. This course will be evidential mediumship focused both in demonstrating and in 1-to-1 private readings.

The aim will be to push forward in your mediumship, not playing safe in the communication you bring and really going for specific details in your spirit messages.

This is a course for the courageous; those that want stand up and represent spirit to the best of their ‘Spirit Messages’ is a course of tuition, practical work and assessment employing exercises and techniques that you can use in your own mediumship.

• Getting Confident – Adopting certain techniques in your work will hopefully relieve the pressure valve that can hinder work and help you relax into a better blending with spirit and work to your potential.

• Bringing Spirit to Life – The point when mediumship needs to be about more than fact after fact, a time where the medium works so closely with the spirit world to really bring through the personality, colour and eccentricities of the communicator they are working with.

• The Spirit Family – Look at how the medium can work to bring through multiple spirit communicators on a family link, bringing the whole family back together. Often the first
communicator in any message might not be the one who needs to be heard the most, such as when Aunts, Uncles, and relatives once or twice removed open the communication door for sons, daughters, partners and parents to step in and pass messages onto their loved

• Evidence of Life in Spirit –Where the spirit communication can go beyond aspects of their life on earth with memories, personality and characteristics and talk about their continued existence of life in spirit. This can be such an evidential part of any message where they will talk about whom they have met up with, their own spirit circle of family and friends and maybe who was there to meet them when they took their transition into the other world.

This is a seminar for those of mixed levels but would not be suitable for those new to mediumship and psychic development, so no beginners please. All attendees must have had experience in working on their own development using their psychic and mediumistic faculties.

Tony Stockwell is a highly respected tutor, an amazing medium who travels worldwide with his demonstrations and workshops/seminars. His teaching skills are second to none, he works his students hard and they always come back asking for more!

Cost for this course is €320, a non-transferable deposit of €100 is required on booking. Places are limited so please book early.

This is a non residential course but the host has worked out excellent rates with the hotel for those who wish to stay at the  Maldron Hotel for this period. Please book under your own name but reference Susan Hughes Sept 2017 event to avail of these special prices.
For Accommodation Info if you wish to stay please check out the organisers Website, Link Below

NB: Tony will be holding an Evening of Mediumship Demonstration on Saturday 16th Sept in the Plaza Hotel, Tallaght, Dublin 24. Tickets are priced at €20 however students of the weekend seminar/workshop will get theirs at the reduced price.
For booking form & information please email Susan Hughes at  diademslight@gmail.com

Links to make payment via Paypal can be found at: http://susanhughesmedium.com/events