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Tony is delighted to be returning to The Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh for a three day (non residential) Mediumship Workshop at the fabulous Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland.

For details and booking please contact the venue direct by following the link below:


He will also be taking an Evening of Mediumship during his stay which can also booked direct from the centre



The role of a Medium is to prove beyond all doubt that life goes on after physical death.
This boot camp is offered to all those who aim to provide the best evidence from Spirit that they can, who don’t want to settle for the mundane and generic and who strive to offer the best proof possible.

This is a mediumship boot camp to get you in shape, exercise your mediumship muscles and set you on the right track going forward. It can be very easy, and very common, to fall into a rut with your messages and your spirit link, but here Tony will help you deconstruct that and offer insight for the way forward.

This course will look at:
Exercises for to provide better evidence
Heighten your awareness of the Spirit world
Ways to improve your confidence (and techniques to fall back on in those wobbly moments)
Techniques for coping in those difficult times
And so much more

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre
25 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, EH12 5AP.
www.arthurconandoylecentre.com Tel: 0131 625 0700
Scottish Charity: SCO42492  Company Reg No: SC402435

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