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Tony Stockwell LA 25-29 June 2017

THE MODERN DAY MEDIUM  – 5 Day Intensive Mediumship Course

June 25th – June 29th – 9am to 4pm daily

Decide to take your mediumship to a new level with Mediums Tony Stockwell and Fleur in this unique five day course designed for intermediate and advanced students.

This course will deepen your connection at each level of psychic and mediumship work- invoking a creative flow between the spirit of the medium, the client, and the spirit world. Over a period of five days, Tony and Fleur will lead you through the art of 1-1 Readings, the Trance state, and lead you through:

  • receiving clear and concise survival evidence
  • experiencing a true blend between worlds
  • accessing the clients true purposes and soul intentions
  • meeting the needs of both the client and the medium, so that the medium is nourished by the readings they do
  • understanding what life is like in the spirit world
  • the mechanics of connecting with confidence and clarity

We have found a fantastic location to host the event in Hollywood that will provide plenty of space and amenities for your comfort and learning, however it is not located in a hotel this year. So if you’re visiting from out of town, there are plenty of hotel options in the area and we are currently working on negotiating a group rate on rooms from at least one of them. Check this page for an updated list of options and other details within the coming weeks.

Due to demand, we have added a ‘Day Pass’ option for attending, so you can join us for as little as one day or as many days as you would like. Please note when purchasing a day pass, you must purchase tickets to the Mediumship Demonstration separately if you wish to attend. To purchase multiple single-days, simply add the number of ‘day passes’ to your cart – there is no need to decide which day(s) you will attend until the event, and you can always ‘upgrade’ for the full course to save $90.

Day 1- Mediumship

The first day of the course will focus solely on your connection to the spirit world and will leave you with a greater understanding of your own mediumistic ability. Together, we will perfect the art of the one to one reading, learn how to maintain a clear link to those in the spirit, and enhance your understanding of the information given to you from the spirit world. No matter your starting skill level, this day will remind you of your natural ability to communicate with the spirit world with an enhanced level of detail, speed, and accuracy.

Day 2- Pure Psychic Connection

This day of coursework will center around the psychic connection and the ability to access past, present and future events. Throughout the day you will be given tools that can be used in one on one readings to enhance the ability of psychic discernment and psychic prophecy.

Day 3- Trance Healing

Entrancement is a mediumistic state where we are immersed in the power and the presence of the spirit. Utilizing the trance state allows the healer to work side by side with the spirit world to bring forward incredible healing and renewal. Trance healing can be used side by side with any other healing modality, including Reiki and the Reconnection and is a great tool that can be used for individual healing work, in sessions, or even for large groups.

Day 4- Building Confidence

Getting out of your own way can be the hardest hurdle to practicing spiritual work. Your gifts are meant to be shared with the world, yet often nerves, fear, and lack of confidence inhibit spiritual workers from being able to step into their full potential. This workshop day will give you the tools to do your best work with ease and confidence.

Day 5- Psychic Detection Work

This day will teach you how to use your intuitive nature to detect and uncover the mysteries of crimes and unsolved cases. Tony Stockwell is the world’s leading psychic detective and currently one of the only teachers in the world to teach psychic detection. His personal experience and exercises will give you a solid foundation on which to build your psychic detective skill set.

Please note that this course is not suited for true beginners, and that all sales are final and nonrefundable.



june 25 (Sunday) - 29 (Thursday)


Studio 202

6442 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90038 United States

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