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The Country Place, Kalorama. Melbourne Australia

Monday 30th March – Friday 3rd April 2020

with Tony Stockwell –  Lynn Probert –  Dianne Thomas  – Natalie Walker


Join Tony Stockwell, Lynn Probert and Dianne Thomas, as well as returning for 2020 fantastic Medium and Tutor Natalie Walker , on this intensive 5-day mediumship training seminar. This is a course that will be full of practical workshops, lectures as well as fantastic demonstrations of Mediumship.

Our mediums have vast experience in teaching mediumship and spiritual unfoldment as well as demonstrating evidential mediumship to the highest standard all over the world.

Tony and Lynn have journeyed to Australia from the UK for the past 10 years to host this seminar. They have seen it grow in popularity and are so very proud to return in March 2020 to continue this exciting programme. Each year offers new opportunities to grow in your work and be part of the ‘Country Place Family’.
Also, each new seminar brings with it a new aspect of spiritual development to explore, to work hand in hand with our continued drive to promote the development of evidential mediumship. We always like to keep it fresh and exciting whilst acknowledging the core foundations of development.


For 2020 our course is

Join us as we celebrate ALL the gifts of the Spirit. This seminar is about the joyous miracle of mediumship, the wonder of the message and the healing power of  spirit connections both for others and self. Connect your Soul to the divine power as you connect with spirit discarnate and spirit incarnate.

Your Spiritual Awareness working in conjunction with your own Soul Growth should NEVER stop expanding and evolving! Embrace new and expansive techniques. Always push for more and NEVER stand still. A medium that evolves will always be relevant and pushing their boundaries, striving for better, REACHING FOR THE HEAVENS!

Likewise listening to your inner voice, your higher self and the  spark of the divine inside us all will enable you to become a greater intuitive and empath and help you overcome all that holds you back and stops your reaching your unlimited potential.

This seminar is a celebration! Do you remember the excitement of your the first message you received, or even gave?  A connection with spirit should always bring that joyous feeling, but so often we forget the miracle we are witnessing in and part off.

Within your groups you will be experimenting with, and celebrating  your own unique mediumship. You may be asked to work in a way that may be outside of the way you may usually do and are comfortable with. Break the pattern of your messages and open yourself to receive and perceive all the evidence from spirit that is yours for the taking. Listen to that inner voice!
There will be time working on SELF, as without this how can we possible be the best vehicle for Spirit. Look at self healing and healing for others as you invite spirit to unleash their infinite power.


For those of you already working there will be a number of MASTER CLASSES over duration on this seminar that will take an aspect of development and explore it in all of its intricacies and details
• Evaluate the importance of the evidence you have been offering, is it enough? Let’s remove the patterns in your work and introduce details in your spirit links worthy of an evolving medium. Are you leaving those you read for enabled. Are your readings a true celebration?
• There will be dedicated sessions and time for the pure spirit gift of healing.
• Go beyond evidence in your readings and embrace the healing aspect of the Soul to Soul connection of sitter and reader.
• Reach higher states of consciousness to bring prophecy into each reading and demonstration
• Are you bringing spirit inspiration and guidance into your day to day life? Are you open to their influence and living ‘with’ spirit or do you often find your pathway blocked with insurmountable obstacles? Let’s work to find the balance.
• Bring philosophy into your work, Mediumship can be for the greater good for the whole of humankind. Are we listening?


On this week we aim to cover as many aspects of this work as possible. The evidential message, healing, trance connections, spiritual philosophy, connecting with the Spirit incarnate and Spirit discarnate, working with music and colour and true inspiration. This is a CELEBRATION OF SPIRIT AND SOUL!

The rest of our team:
Dianne Thomas is an Australian medium and such a welcome addition to this year’s event after her first-time teaching with us in 2018. She proved very popular with those attending and many expressed great enthusiasm for her teachings and gained so much confidence in the work during their time with her. Dianne has such a nurturing way and always brings out the best in those that work her. We are delighted to have her join us again in 2019.

Natalie  will join us once again for 2020 and we are delighted she is able to attend. Already a very popular tutor and a wonderful demonstrator, gaining an excellent reputation as a first-class worker for spirit. She has studied extensively at The Arthur Findlay Collage and is a main tutor at Tony’s own centre. She works globally  with many of the worlds leading lights in this field.

Tony will set out a progressive programme of workshops, tutorials and lectures that cover all aspects of the developing Medium’s journey. Helping those attending to advance and progress in their understanding and practice of their own mediumship. Our tutors will always encourage and instruct those in their groups in a positive way. We aim to EMPOWER and not DISABLE!

The unfolding the gifts of your spirit are indeed a myriad so there will be sessions that will include meditation, mantras and chanting, looking at shamanic ways, trance dance and a selection of healing modalities.
We embrace many roads to the same goal and the evolving medium will not be confined with limitations.

Students may expect
• To be assigned a dedicated tutor as well as have plenty of opportunity to work with all those on the teaching team.
• Lots of practical exercises in group session
• Talks and tutorials from our experienced team
• Attend Demonstrations of Trance mediumship and Evidential mediumship
• Excellent food and accommodation in a beautiful setting
• Encouragement to learn and share with each other
• Fun and laughter both in and out of class time
• Social time at the end of a tiring day
• Classes offered for all levels, from beginner to the working Medium. A number of Master Classes will be offered.

For Booking Information, Course Enrolment and registration questions please email Justine at The Country Place. E: JustineP@TheCountryPlace.Com.Au

For general course enquiries including suitability please contact info@tonystockwell.com



March 30 (Monday) 9:00 am - April 3 (Friday) 5:00 pm


The Country Place

180 Olinda Creek Road

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