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“Psychic Exploration” at The Arthur Findlay Collage, Stansted Hall

Course 38A  – SAT 28th September to SAT 5th October 2019

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A FULL WEEK seminar of Psychic Exploration and Development. This is an expanded course following on from the success of a shorter course last year, now a New full week course for 2019 with Tony that will at look the many forms of working with your psychic faculty.

Discovering the natural instinctive feelings that moves through us when the living come to consult us is a wonderful gift, bringing balance and clarity that may help those that seek us out to see the way forward and understand more of that which holds them back from their past. However, working on the psychic level can also be so much more. As a psychic you are consciously linking with the spirit incarnate, a coming together of your own spirit and that of your sitter.

A psychic reading for a sitter can be just as life changing as an evidential mediumship reading and should never be thought of as less than; it brings clarity, illumination, perspective and confirmation. It’s deeply revealing, and when done right, can peel back the intricate layers of those you read for.

This course will look at the role of prediction and forward seeing, and the importance of learning how powerful our words can be, always being mindful how psychic guidance works alongside own free will.

Being a sharp and in tune psychic is also invaluable when assessing situations, or getting a feel for those that may want to join your circle or development group, or for knowing your own path and the choices you are making. It can be a tool for self as much as a tool for others.

In addition, we will look at Psychic Detection and investigation, and the role of the psychic in this field, working on some historic cases via photographs, maps and clippings to unlock the truth of the past with the aim of bringing healing and understanding to those that still grieve.

Knowing your Psychic faculty and how your Spirit quickens and ignites whilst connecting with another spirit incarnate can be an amazingly spiritual experience.

This course is not for beginners, previous development experience is required.

Course Organiser: Tony Stockwell
Tutors:  Simone Key, Andy Byng, Lynn Probert


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September 28 (Saturday) - October 5 (Saturday)


The Arthur Findlay College

Stansted Hall Mountfitchet, Essex, CM24 8UD

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