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This exciting programme has been successfully run since 2017 and now in its 7th year, with NEW progressive elements included each year. The course is adapted to those attending, meeting the requirements of each new intake, as well as covering fundamental elements that will be the bedrock of your work for spirit!

 This is fully comprehensive, in-depth mediumship and psychic development course and will be the bedrock of your mediumistic development journey!

Monthly Teaching Meetings are held UK Time Zone (GMT) 8.00 pm until 11 pm

(additional events times vary, see prospectus below)

Meeting Online from May to January 2025 – Although this programme starts with lectures in April 2024, enrolment is open until May 19th, 2024, at the start of our live webinars (earlier lecture recordings will be made available to late joiners)


Ten exclusive (to enrolled students) 3-hour online tutorials covering detailed and specific aspects of ongoing Mediumship, Psychic and Spiritual Development. Each webinar includes  teaching from Tony, followed by practical exercises in small breakout groups. Then  an interactive discussion and solution-finding time relating to the topics covered in that session where attendees can present questions and experiences to Tony.

An additional three live Zoom ‘problem solving and sharing sessions’ (we call these ‘Clinic Group Supervision Sessions) to cover your ongoing development over the duration of the programme. These are exclusive to this programme and extremely valuable for your ongoing development! These live Zoom webinars will cover the subjects you choose and raise, with time for questions relating to your ongoing development in all areas.

*Two private 1 on 1 mentoring sessions with Tony (lasting up to 30 mins each session) spread over the duration of this programme, hosted via Zoom.

Two exclusive intimate mediumship demonstrations for those enrolled.

Access to an exclusive and private Facebook support group.

A one-day refresher ‘Boot Camp’ workshop with Tony, to practice work to date.

Access to Tony Stockwell’s Private Reading Pool Facebook group, where you can practice readings and share ideas with Tony’s present and past programme students from around the world.  A great place to make worldwide work contacts too!

Towards the end of the programme, you are invited to attend a ‘way ahead session’, offered in smaller groups, so each student has the time to raise any thoughts they may have regarding their future journey.

You are encouraged to ask questions regularly throughout this programme regarding any aspect of your development, and Tony will post answers on the exclusive Facebook group page in the form of replies or mini videos.  These will be created and posted when Tony is out and about on the road – worldwide traveller that he is!

Monthly Tutorial Topics to be covered will include:  The Confident Medium; Establishing a Spirit Link and Maintaining the Power, excelling with the evidence you can offer for both private readings and demonstrating; Sensitivity and Ethics of Working;  Spirit Incarnate and Discarnate, the difference and how to work with both, including intelligent communication; Pure Psychic Readings; Psychic Detection; Trance Work;  Releasing  and Nourishing the Spirit Within.

In additional to this, we are offering 2 Introductory Lectures prior to the first webinar, a Mid-Course Refresher Bootcamp 1-Day workshop, 2 exclusive Mediumship Demonstrations with Tony, 1 ‘Way Ahead’ session hosted in mini groups towards the end of this programme. See below for full prospectus and dates.

Programme Dates 2024-2025


TEACHING WEBINARS – All Sundays 8 pm – 11 pm UK time zone

10 Live WebinarsSunday May 19Sunday June 23Sunday July 7
Sunday August 4Sunday September 8Sunday September 29Sunday October 27
Sunday November 17Sunday December 1Sunday January 12th


For those enrolling after these lectures take place, recordings will be made available so there is no missing out!

Monday April 1st, 9pm-10.30 pm UK time zone – Lecture 1

Thursday 16 May 9pm – 10.30 pm UK time zone – Lecture 2


live event only – no recording

Thursday June 27th, 10.30 pm to 12 midnight                        Sunday July 28, 2024 – 6 pm – 10 pm UK time zone

Friday October 4th, 7.30 pm to 9pm UK time zone

Thursday November 28th, 7.30 pm to 9pm UK time zone


Demonstration are live only – no recording

Sunday May 26, 9pm-10.30 pm UK time zone                      Dates to be confirmed later into the course

Thursday November 7, 10pm-11.30 pm UK time zone

Dates for your two private sessions with Tony will be arranged as the course progresses!

Certification of Achievement for all students completing this programme,

Tuition, support, assignments, debate, guidance, mentorship

10 Month Mentorship Programme Full Prospectus:

  • x10 live 3-hour Zoom Sessions with Tony Stockwell (will include a 15 min comfort break). Each 3-hour session will include a tutorial of around 1 hour, then practical exercises in breakout groups, plus a Q&A session related specifically to the tutorial.  Tony will answer as many questions as possible within the timeframe.

PLEASE NOTE:  All monthly Webinars will be made available to students after each session (usually within 72 hours) and are posted on your private Group Facebook Page only.  These webinar recordings are available to view for 30 days only, after which they are deleted from our Zoom server.  So, if your schedule prevents you being able to attend a live session, you can catch up with no missing out!

Demonstrations by Tony, bootcamp and private sessions are live events only.

  • x2 (up to) 30-minute personal mentoring sessions 1:1 with Tony Stockwell, over the duration of this programme. PLEASE NOTE: these two sessions will be predominantly held between 9 am and 4 pm UK time zone only.  Students will be kindly asked to make themselves available during these times. Missed sessions without good reason or notice will count as one of your sessions and we are unable to reschedule. ( No recording offered for these sessions)
  • x3 live 1.5-hour Zoom ‘Clinic Group Supervision Sessions’ with Tony, where you can discuss ANY aspect of your ongoing development, ask questions direct to Tony and share with others (recordings available after the event).
  • Access to Private Facebook Group Page for students on this programme only.
  • Two 1.5 hour introductory weekday lectures prior to live webinars (recording available after the event).
  • Midway Bootcamp – practical x4 hour weekend workshop refreshing elements covered so far (no recording available after for this event).
  • One 1.5 hour session towards end of programme looking at the WAY AHEAD with your work. These will be in three mini-groups.  Students given option to attend one of the three dates/times offered.
  • Exclusive additional educational videos will be posted by Tony to the Private Facebook Page for this programme, where he may expand on topics learned, discuss his own ongoing development and include new teachings and share recent experiences.
  • Two exclusive mediumship demonstrations by Tony Stockwell with group discussion and deconstruction afterwards (these are live events only – no recording available).
  • Tony Stockwell’s Private Reading Pool – exclusive access to this unique Facebook group, where you can organise practice readings sessions with other student mediums of all levels, across the world. Only students who have studied personally with Tony, are given access by him, to this Reading Pool. Your access to this group does not end with completion of this programme.
  • Interactive Discussions and group support via Facebook Page.
  • Certification on completion will be emailed to all students upon completion of the programme.


Full Instalment Price for this programme: US $2,500.00 (discount available for upfront payment – see below)

Special Discount Offer: A one-off payment of US $2,100.00 payable upon application- Saving US $400.00

Programme also Payable in 3 instalments as follows:

  1. DEPOSIT: $1,000 – on application
  2. A further $1,000 due by 1st July 2024
  3. Final $500 by 1st September 2024

If you choose to pay over 3 instalments you agree to complete all payments, and by the due date mentioned.

NOTE: Deposits and all payments are non–refundable/transferable at each stage

Delegates wishing to apply for this programme: please sign and date the attached form and return to info@tonystockwell.com. We will contact you shortly after receiving your application and let you know if you have been accepted onto the programme after which payment arrangements can be made.   Please do not send any payment until your place on the course has been confirmed.  Application is acceptance of terms and conditions of this programme.

PAYMENT by VISA or Mastercard ONLY

We are able to process bank & credit card payments via our secure card terminal. We are security certificated and card payments will show in your statements as ‘The Avalon Project’ , (Tony’s teaching organisation).

Once your programme place is confirmed and we have your signed booking form,  Stuart Borley in Tony’s office, will reach out to you to connect live via Zoom or by telephone (inc WhatsApp) on 00 44 7899 994002. Stuart will liaise with you to agree a mutually agreeable time to connect where payment will be taken.

The information Stuart will require to process your payment  is below, please have this known and ready. You may need to pre-authorise payment with your card provider , making them aware of the amount and name of the beneficiary (The Avalon Project) prior to our agreed call.

To connect with Stuart please email to info@tonystockwell.com.  IMPORTANT – please useASW7 Payment” in the subject header!
(information needed to process your payment)


Course Title:

Long Card Number:

Expiry Date:

Billing Address Zip Code:

Billing Address House Number:

You will be asked to confirm the amount you wish to pay and will receive an email confirmation of payment.

Payment is taken in GBP (Great British Pounds) using the Bank of England exchange rate for that day. We take the exact currency conversion of your payment; however, some banks will charge a small fee at your end.

Terms and Information

This course is under the sole tutorship of Tony Stockwell.  Should any unavoidable reason occur (health etc) where a session could not go ahead, an alternative date will be given.

Mediumship demonstrations done by Tony over the course of this programme are live events only and recordings will not be available after the live event.

Ongoing participation on this course will rely on instalment payments being up to date and paid by each given due date. Failure to stick to the payment schedule will be taken as withdrawal from the course. Those choosing to pay over three instalments agree to complete the full course fee and must contact us to arrange payment.

Voluntary withdrawal from the programme will not be liable for course fee refunds or transfers.

Tony reserves the right to withdraw participation from any student not deemed suitable.  Payment will be refunded pro-rata and an administration cost of £50 will be applied.

If the host’s ability to offer this service is terminated by reason of death during the course period, this Agreement shall terminate without further obligations to the hosts legal representatives under this Agreement if the course has commenced.

Private Sessions times are released throughout the programme for your x2 private mentoring sessions. Once you have selected and agreed your date and time, any ‘no shows’ or late cancelations, except in extenuating circumstance (bereavement and severe health) will count as one of your two sessions. Students will work with us to make themselves available and be flexible when agreeing mutually convenient dates.

NOTE:  Students will be required to have email, internet access and a Facebook account they can use (even if only for this programme).  We use the Zoom platform for webinars – this is free and you do not need to have a paid Zoom account. Private appointments are also offered via Zoom, however on occasions where this is not possible, we make request you connect with Tony via Skype, so you may also need a free Skype account.

You agree to respect the privacy of all members on this programme and Facebook posts they make, and experiences they may share as part of the webinars, discussions, demonstrations or Bootcamp. These may not be shared outside of the group without prior permission of all parties. Our aim is to make all attendees feel comfortable, secure and safe whilst sharing any experiences.

We require all participants work with kindness and show respect to all fellow students, the tutor and any guest attendees. We suggest any contentious political issues or alliances not be part of any group or subgroup discussions.

Also, all webinars and Zoom sessions are not to be shared with those not on this programme, broadcast or uploaded to any other platform. We take the privacy or all attending very seriously.  Monthly webinars will be recorded and sent out to all students and you agree that your image and participation in the class will be included as part of this.

Webinar recordings are made available to each student throughout the duration of the programme and by attending these webinars you agree to be part of these recordings.

Application does not guarantee acceptance onto this programme. Submission of application form will be taken as agreement to terms and payment schedule outlined.

This programme is not suitable for absolute beginners in Mediumship and Psychic Development.

All monies paid are non-refundable and non-transferable onto other courses.

Submission of application form will be taken as agreement to terms and payment schedule outlined.


Year Around Event (2024) BST (UK Timezone)(GMT+00:00)

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