At a recent seminar, we prepared a list of signs and symbols that our friends and family in Spirit use to attract our attention. I thought you would enjoy some of them.

Music: Your loved ones may communicate with you through a song title or lyric that reminds you of them at the exact time you are thinking about them. They may also try and provide you with clarity and guidance through a series of songs with a resounding theme or message that answers a question you have about a particular situation.

Smells: Have you ever noticed a strong odour or fragrance in the air around you, with no indication of where it was coming from? This could be your departed loved ones manifesting a specific scent that you associated with them in life, to let you know they are still with you. It might be a perfume, cigarette odour, the smell of certain foods, or any other distinguishable and unique scent.

Children: They say the most perceptive things, often wise beyond their years. Our loved ones in Spirit connect easily with children because they live in the present moment and are much more in tune to their intuitive senses. They feel and sense the presence of Spirit and will relay messages without judgment or question.

Animals: Similarly to children, animals easily pick up on Spirit because they’re highly sensitive creatures. When pets look like they’re watching an invisible insect fly around the room; when they whimper or growl in a certain direction but at nothing in particular; when they act as if they’re playing with someone, running in circles, jumping all over the place or swatting the air—they may be recognizing spirits.

Blown light bulbs: It’s easy for spirits to manipulate electricity and crossed wires because both spirits and electricity are forms of energy that vibrate at a high frequency and are highly charged. Look for lights flickering in the house, light bulbs blowing out or disturbance with television sets, radios, appliances and computers. These are all typical spirit moves, and often just their way of saying hello.

Dreams: Spirit likes to communicate with us in this altered mental state because our thinking mind is turned down and our intuitive knowing is turned up. When we’re visited by Spirit in our dreams, we’re often left with lasting impressions and insights that help direct us forward in our waking life.

The Written Word: Sometimes our loved ones will use literal signs to capture your attention. These “signs”—posters, advertisements, street names, shop signs and flyers—generally address a specific question you want an answer to. Signage is everywhere, so it’s up to you to discern the difference between messages that are inspired or insignificant. This is one of the instances where you really need to trust that you will know it when you see it.