“Try this Sensory Exercise at home. It may seem strange but it can have some surprising results.

What would it be like to lose some or all use of one of your senses? Perhaps you already know. If not, you may find the following exercises interesting.

Sight: Cover your eyes for 5 minutes, with a blindfold or piece of cloth, while you are in a familiar place. Carefully navigate the area by touch and memory alone.

Touch: Try wearing a thick stiff pair of gloves indoors for just 5 minutes, while performing ordinary tasks.

Hearing: Wear a pair of earplugs while going about your daily activities. This can be a real revelation. How does this shift your sense of the world around you?

Taste: Try tasting familiar foods and drink while holding your nose completely blocked. How much of your sense of taste is cut off without smell to help?


So which sense would you least like to lose and why? Which one is most and least important?”