Small Groups & Gallery Style Mediumship

  • Accessing higher power, discarnate spirit, guides and inspiration
  • Explore your own unique way of delivering high vibrational presence and energy to your audience, helping empower then in their lives today and bringing new innovation to the way we work in groups
  • Expanding our delivery with evidential mediumship in demonstrations and working audiences in a way to maintain a strong energy throughout, leaving the audience with a great uplifting feeling. Access is available
  • Presenting and demonstrating a higher presence in our mediumship bring a sense of awe, new life and hope to those learning and experiencing spirit through your work.

Be brave and go forward freely as you reach higher in your work and expand your blending of consciousness.

$200 CDN / $160 USD

March 9th & 15th –  11am to 3 pm PST / 3 pm to 11pm UK time

Click here to register for this inspirational uplifting workshop