Use your intuition and psychic ability to solve crimes that perplex and confuse the living with medium Tony Stockwell.

Watch Tony describe his process of connecting with spirits and how it has evolved.

Tony Stockwell is an English medium who has worked with unsolved crimes, often alongside the police and private detectives, for more than 30 years. He returns to Omega this year to share his extraordinary wealth of knowledge about the fascinating world of mediumship and how to develop it, use it, and control it toward a specialized purpose of solving riddles that perplex and confuse the living.

Discover how to work with historic cases and use photographs, maps, and clippings to unlock the truth of the past with the aim of bringing healing and understanding to those that still seek answers. Using psychometry, clairvoyance, remote viewing, intuition, and mediumship, you also learn effective methods to help bring clarity and answers to grieving families.

Under Stockwell’s guidance, you work on high-profile historical cases, peeling away layers of truth and gleaning new insights that only your psychic awareness can reveal. Through theory and practice, you explore and expand your knowledge of mediumship and other aspects of our spiritual work.

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