Explore INIDA 2019 – Soul Joy Love

NEW FOR 2019…

Tony is delighted to join Lauren Rainbow, American Medium & Spiritual Teacher
on the journey of a lifetime
January 16th to January 31st 2019

Love, Enlightenment and Joy await you in the sacred lands if India

Tony and Lauren are excited to take you on this soul awakening quest through Sacred India, a land rich with spiritual history.
On this journey you will visit sacred pilgrimage sites along the River Ganges, Hindu temples, the abandoned Beatles Ashram, the famous Taj Mahal and many more surprises.
There will also be guided meditations and other spiritual programs with Tony and Lauren throughout the journey to help you connect to the inner calling of your soul.
This is a transformative trip of a lifetime as you will connect and awaken into a life filled with joy and love as we explore an ancient culture that is still very much alive and life affirming.
You will also connect with new people and form lifelong friendships and return home with a joy in your heart, a new view of life, and memories that will last lifetimes.


NEW! Tony is delighted to be joining American Medium & Spiritual Tutor Lauren Rainbow on a Spiritual Journey to India in 2019. SOUL JOY LOVE

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