Tony returns on the 15th of August to The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York for a live 5-day workshop. During this unique course, he’ll be sharing his extraordinary wealth of knowledge about the fascinating world of altered states of consciousness – often called trance mediumship – while he teaches you how to develop it, use it and control it.

Through theory and practice, we discover the many and varied energies and levels of this amazing phenomena. We explore and expand our knowledge of trance mediumship in all of its forms, from light overshadowing to deep trance to inspirational guided speaking. We also study the blending of our own energies with spirit and how this can improve not only our trance mediumship development, but also other aspects of our spiritual work.

Each of us is given support throughout the week to ensure that our trance mediumship development is enhanced and stretched as we:

  • Learn about many aspects of trance and associated phenomena
  • Experience trance demonstrations
  • Connect with the power of spirit and journey through the many levels of awareness
  • Join properly structured trance and experimental groups
  • Find out how trance states can enhance the development of mental mediumship

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