One-day workshop for Beginners to Improvers

Allow Tony to help explain what mediumship is, what the psychic faculty is, and what the difference is between the two. Understanding how to initiate these two very different ways of working, is at the very foundation of your development. The first steps in developing your awareness are so exciting, as you start to glean information using your psychic sensing and mediumship awareness. You will learn how to intuit and sense feelings and atmospheres around others, to help create life enhancing guidance. This firm foundation will stand you in good stead for all the exciting development experiences ahead of you.

This workshop will include fun practical exercises, putting into practice what you are being taught by Tony. You will learn how to a have degree of control over working in both of these different ways, and most importantly, recognize how you are working and whether you are receiving information from your intuitive knowing or from the spirit realm.

If you are one of those people who have always wondered if you would indeed be able to one day work as a medium and psychic but have lacked the confidence to make that first step, or someone who has had a limited amount of tuition to date and wishes to proceed with your spiritual endeavours, then this one-day workshop with Tony Stockwell is the workshop for you! It’s suitable for absolute beginners, but if you have some experience but may still struggle with having a degree of control initiating PSYCHIC or MEDIUMSHIP connections, please join us too!

A fun, and relaxed day spent with like-minded others and of course Tony, giving you information and guidance that may well spur you on to great things

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Title: Mediumship & Psychic Messages
Date: Saturday 17 October
Time: 3pm – 8pm UK time zone
Level: Beginners to Improvers
Price: £55


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