Advanced Psychic work is used for so many things and aids us everyday in our mediumship. Psychic development is key to a balanced ability to serve humanity and the work in psychic detection or other real life mysteries, is an exciting and valuable asset to the world. Develop this natural skill of the soul and learn to recognise your unique flow with this true seership and understanding on another level.

See where you can go wrong or allow your conscious mind to interfere with the natural psychic flow.

Become adept at bringing pure psychic information and knowing it is accurate and needed.

Determine how to tap into past events and unfold the true story, bringing forward important information that can’t be found in other ways.

Practice this skill and expand on your accuracy and the feeling of PURE PSYCHIC.

This is a valuable class which will exercise and improve your psychic ability. There will be a focus on many aspects of psychic work including psychic detective methods and exercises which Tony has many years experience in.