Wednesday 12 May 2021 – 6:00pm – 9:00pm UK Time

Join Tony to work on strengthening the bond between spirit and the medium, grow in confidence with your ability to engage with the ‘other world’, and secure a true ‘spirit connection’.

The process of describing those that come forward to be identified is a magical experience. With it comes a merging of souls between us and them. You’ll learn to maintain the bond that develops and allow them to step closer, sit with you and inspire!

Embracing the natural ability that mediums have to merge with the spirit communicators that gather to be recognised, Tony will help you to combine traditional mediumship and the altered state of conscience to create a state of surrender that will allow you to ‘channel spirit messages’ in an entranced state.

It is hoped you will be able to move your mediumship to a new level and access all that spirit have say, share and instruct.

We will work together to realise the wisdom of the ‘other world’, and experience their new philosophy of life and receive and impart healing messages.