Moving with the times in this ever-changing world requires forward thinking and the ability to become creative in how we learn to offer one-to-ones, group readings and public demonstrations. Within this three-day online course, I will endeavor to show you how it is possible to continue your spirit work whilst working from home reaching a wider audience from quite literally the entire world. We will look at how we maintain and sustain our own power whilst effectively working alone (at least physically). We will also consider how we might use different techniques, visualizations, and a change of vocabulary to ensure that our recipients feel just as involved and energetically supported as when they come to sit with us before. When working with a larger group you will need to recognize how to place your information as we might do in a public demonstration without having the same ‘pull’ as we may do when working in a hall or its equivalent. Learning how to allow spirit to direct us using other means allowing them to look through our eyes to see where they wish to direct their information etc. We will of course continue to perfect our skills and abilities when working on the psychic, mediumistic and on a Soul-to-Soul level.

During this program there will be ample opportunity to practice one-to-one readings and learn how to hold a group whilst offering group readings together with the chance to demonstrate spirit messages within a demonstration. I do hope that you will take this opportunity to reach out and join with other progressive soul workers on this 3-day workshop.

Many blessings – Tony Stockwell

Open to all levels of experience, but students need to have some experience of reading for others if only within practice groups, classes, and/or development circles.