‘Having the opportunity to share my books and CD’s with you is one of my proudest achievements. To know my work travels to the four corners of the earth and helps, heals, inspires and entertains so many of you is something I could never have imagined when I started this journey as a 16 year old boy. A massive heartfelt thank you to all those that have taken me into their homes through my written and spoken words’. – Tony


Even as a child, Tony Stockwell knew that he was different and that he had been born to do something special with his life. His first out-of-body experience was when he was a baby and he met his first spirit person when he was seven.

He has been working as a medium for 18 years and, in his hugely successful TV series Street Psychic, he used his astonishing gift to deliver accurate, deeply personal messages from loved ones in the world of spirit to randomly picked passers-by. Tony’s autobiography answers ageless questions like:`What happens to us after we die?’, `What happens to animals and pets?’, `Are there such things as evil spirits?’, `How can we overcome our fear of death?’ and `Can we all communicate with our loved ones in the life hereafter?’

With this fascinating insight into life here and beyond, Tony Stockwell shows us all that there truly is more in heaven and earth…

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Tony Stockwell Embracing Eternity


Tony’s work brings him into contact with people from all over the world who look to him for insight into the continuing existence of their departed loved ones. His awesome abilities to connect with the spirits are truly inspirational and in Embracing Eternity, the follow up to his hugely successful memoir Spirited, he shares those stories of connection and comfort. There are also fascinating case studies showcasing Tony’s techniques and advice on how we can all embrace our latent powers to explore the spirit realms. Moving and awe-inspiring, this is a fascinating glimpse of the world beyond the grave.

EMBRACING ETERNITY was published in June 2006. This book has received excellent reviews and the initial print run sold out within the first week of publication. Tony Ortzen, author, and also editor of ‘The Psychic News’ and ‘Two Worlds’, described this book as, ‘One of the best a medium has ever written’.

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Tony Stockwell The Psychic Case Files


Tony Stockwell is regularly asked by victims of crime and their families, to use his psychic powers to help investigate cases that have not yielded to conventional methods.

In this fascinating collection, he opens his case files, including:

Suicide or Murder? – At the request of a family, Tony investigates the death of a young boy who died in an apparent suicide which Tony believes involved foul play.

Missing Children – Two children mysteriously disappear while their mother’s back is turned. Years later, Tony reads for her and finds a clue to their whereabouts …

And many more … This is a treasure trove for anyone who is interested in the realm beyond our own.

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Tony Stockwell Walking With Angels


The renowned psychic, bestselling author and presenter of Living TV’s Psychic Detective and Psychic School taps into the zeitgeist and shows us how the power of angels and spirit guides can turn our lives around.

Many of us share a belief that death is not the end and that the spirits of those we have loved and lost live on. After a lifetime of spiritual experiences, Tony has learned how to communicate with advanced souls known as angels and spirit guides, who wish to impart their knowledge and love to us all. Our angelic friends and guides hope that each of us will reach out and embrace them and begin our journey towards spiritual fulfillment.

In this profoundly comforting and fascinating book, Tony Stockwell, a renowned psychic medium, shares his many stories of personal encounters with angelic and spirit beings. With tales ranging from the battlefields of the Second World War to modern-day accounts of reconnecting with the spirits of people who have passed away, Tony brings his unique insight into the way our angel and spirit guides can help and inspire us throughout our lives, bringing us joy and peace; a message that the world needs to hear.

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Spirit Guides


This is the inspiring meditation/visualisation CD from Tony, where he endeavors to take your mind on a journey to help you connect your own spirit guides and helpers.

We are ALL guided in this life by those in the other world, and recognising those that walk with and guide you, makes you truly appreciate you are never alone, are always guided and are watched over.

Our guides take this journey of life with us, walking by our side, and endeavoring to support us.

You don’t need to be experienced in meditation to enjoy This CD!

Released in 2007

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Heighten You Spiritual Awareness


“I hope to be able to lead you successfully through a series of meditations and exercises that will unlock greater depths to your spiritual awareness. This will not only help those who wish to develop their potential as a psychic or medium, but anyone that believes we are so much more than a mortal physical being “ – Tony

Contains the following exercises:

1. Clearing the Mind
2. Sitting in the Power
3. Symbols to invoke the altered state.
4. Mind Journey
5. Acknowledging the Spirit Within

Each exercise featuring fantastic music from New World Music artists

Released in November 2008

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Healing The Wounded Soul


This CD is designed to lead the listener, through a series of experiences using visualisations, affirmations and mantras as an aid to healing the part of them that needs it most. So many of us live incredibly busy lives filled with distractions. We may well function with little acknowledgement of who we truly are and what it is our soul needs to express. It is hoped the experiences you may have whilst listening to this CD will be positive and helpful to you and have a beneficial effect upon your well being.

Contains the following exercises:

1. Into the Power.
2. Visualisation exercise.
3. For those struggling with the loss of a loved one.
4. For those in need of physical and emotional healing.
5. Relationship Healing.

Each exercise featuring fantastic music from New World Music artists.

This Released in November 2008

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Tony Stockwell Path to Mediumship


The ability to feel the other world and those who dwell there is as old as time. There have been thousands of accomplished mediums from all walks of life and religious backgrounds who have trodden the ‘path to mediumship’. Whether you are an advanced worker or indeed a beginner, I believe that we need to continually practice in order to develop into the best channel we can possibly be.

Each exercise that you will encounter on this CD is designed to help you to focus on your own experience. The experience of both the new mediums and those of years of developed skills will be different with each attempt; this is an ongoing ever evolving journey.

I hope these exercises allow you to gain a great focus and stronger connection with those in the other world who eagerly await your participation.

Contains the following exercises on:
1. Introduction.
2. Calling to our own soul.
3. The Call to Prayer
4. Blissful Surrender
5. Intelligent Communication
6. Working with the Living

Please note: Tony believes that mediumship Development is at its best when under the supervision of an experienced tutor who works with you in person. This CD should be used as an aid to ongoing development and not as a replacement for it.

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Tony Stockwells Angel Experience


The aim of this CD is to take you on a journey to bring the wonder and brilliance of Angels into your life. The exercises offered will hopefully raise your awareness and open the door for Angels to enter, whether to help in situations of life, support and comfort, to be uplifted and energized or as an aid to your ongoing spiritual journey.

For centuries people have been calling upon the power of the Angels for help in certain situations and guidance in times of need, and this CD is specifically designed to help. Some exercises have also been planned as an aid to mediumship and spiritual development.

Contains the following exercises on 2 discs:

1. Introduction.
2. Attuning to the Angelic Realm
3. Wearing Your Spiritual Robe
4. Entering the Kingdom of Heaven

1. Meeting and Communing With Your Guardian Angels
2. Requesting Blessings and Assistance
3. Working With Angels

Each exercise featuring fantastic music from New World Music artists.

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Journey to The Spirit Realms


Exercises for experience and development
Join me on the greatest quest of all, to glimpse and experience the magnificence of The Spirit Realms. A place where time and space have no limitations and colour and beauty beyond our comprehension await you. The exercises offered will hopefully raise your awareness and bring the two worlds closer together, whether for an uplifting, emotive and often healing experience, or as an aid to your ongoing spiritual development.

Contains the following exercises on:

1. Introduction.
2. Exercise: ‘The Gates of Heaven’ and ‘Within The Other World’
3. Exercise: ‘The Halls of Learning’ and ‘The Spirit Within’
4. Exercise: ‘Techniques for Spirit Communication’

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Path to Trance Mediumship


Exercises for Development

Little has been written or recorded regarding this fascinating form of mediumship, mainly because it has been shrouded in mystery.

In simple terms, I believe that we are spiritual beings here on the earth to have a physical experience. I also believe that we are helped and guided by other spiritual beings that dwell in the ‘other world’ a spirit world.

These beings may have an important message for us to receive or simply wish to gather closer to us that we might know that their love for us is positive and pure.

Trance is a blending of your own mind and theirs. Trance is a form of mental mediumship and works in a very similar way to that which we are more used to seeing, when Mediums give messages from a platform or in a private situation, it just works on a different level of awareness and blending. In this state spirit beings are able to merge with our minds so completely that we may truly understand who they are; their personality, physicality, manner and beyond this what it is they wish to impart and share or how they wish to work with us; Sometimes for healing, communication, personal development, spiritual guidance amongst others. Trance blending is often gradual and builds up over a number of years.

Contains the following exercises on:
1. The Way of Trance – An Introduction.
2. Invoking the Spirit Within – The Trance Connection.
3. The Realm of Trance Mediumship
4. The Spiritual Robe
5. Sit to Channel Philosophy
6. Conclusion

Please note: Tony believes that Mediumship Development is at its best when under the supervision of an experienced tutor who works with you in person. This CD should be used as an aid to ongoing development and not as a replacement for it.

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Tony Stockwell Live DVD


Filmed as part of Tony’s recent UK tour this live DVD offers the fantastic theatre experience live in your own home.

Tony’s perspective on death provides comfort to many, and in his live performances and TV shows he demonstrates that grief, healing and hope are eternally intertwined and universal.

With a running time of 1 hour and 38 minutes this live DVD includes his live demonstration as well as back stage interviews with Tony about his work and his thoughts on life after death.

This is a Multi Region 0 DVD in English, Stereo.

PLEASE NOTE: To enable us to send each DVD sealed this item will not be signed or personalised.

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