Tony Stockwell

Tony’s Stockwell’s Soul Space is pleased to offer private 1 to 1 consultations.We are able offer Evidential Mediumship Readings & Psychic Readings.  If you would prefer the focus be on one of these please let your reader know at the start of any consultation, or you can also request a combination of both Mediumship and Psychic, or leave it to the reader to see where they feel the focus should go.

We can also offer Spiritual Assessments for those developing their spiritual gifts, by prior arrangement.

Occasionally we can offer specialized readings, Tarot, Angel Cards, Numerology, Spirit Portraits, Oracle etc., with guest readers and these will be advertised on the Soul Space page if available.

Tony Stockwell does now offer a limited number of 1-2-1’s each year.We do not keep a waiting list for appointments and do not take names for future consideration. We only operate a booking period system where bookings open on a certain advised date to fill the slots we have in the coming 4-6 months. Once all slots are taken booking is closed until the day the next booking period opens.  We usually operate 2-3 booking periods per year and will book for the next 4-6 months. Appointments are always daytime and usually weekdays.

For details on booking, the date the next booking period opens and the current situation email: On the day and time bookings open as you will be advised, we only give appointments to those that have emailed and requested the date previously. We do try to have enough available appointments for those that emailed enquiring.

Sorry, Tony is unable to offer private consultations when on tour and currently only offers readings at his Soul Space in Essex. He is not able to do home visits those Skype appointments can be arranged once you have your reading slot as explained above.

Our current main resident reader is Natalie Walker. Her consultations are offered on varying days of the week with daytime, late afternoon or early evening appointments available. Natalie has been working with Tony for over 12 years, in Essex, on tour and overseas. She is an excellent reader and demonstrator of mediumship, as well as being one of the main tutors at Soul Space.

To Book with Natalie Telephone her direct on : 07841 626146, please be patient for a reply as she works out of the country too – thank you.
Or email:

Guest readers are also available from time to time.

Occasional Saturday daytime appointments are available.

Readings are for 1 person only (except in special circumstances and ONLY with prior agreement)

We regret we are unable to recommend mediums for consultations other than those who work at Soul Space (whose work we can vouch for) but suggest contacting your nearest Spiritualist Church or Centre, or check out the Spiritualist National Union Website to locate mediums in your area. There are many fantastic workers for spirit all over the world and we do hope you are able to go by recommendation and find a reader that is able to work with you.