Tony StockwellAt present we only offer private consultations with Tony Stockwell at Soul Space for in person readings and also online via skype!

Tony’s Stockwell’s Soul Space is pleased to offer private 1 to 1 consultations with Tony Stockwell. He is able offer Evidential Mediumship Readings & Psychic Readings.  If you would prefer the focus be on one of these please let your reader know at the start of any consultation, or you can also request a combination of both Mediumship and Psychic, or leave it to the reader to see where they feel the focus should go.

We can also offer Spiritual Assessments for those developing their spiritual gifts, by prior arrangement.
Occasionally we do offer  appointments with guest readers and these will be advertised on the Soul Space page if available.


COVID 19 UPDATE: We are currently only booking for online appointments taken via skype. We have appointment available in the coming months. If you would like to book an online reading with Tony email us now at For further information going forward please read below.

Tony Stockwell does offer a limited number of 1-2-1’s each year, both in person and via Skype!

To Book:
 We operate a booking period system where bookings open on a certain advised date to fill the slots we have in the coming 4-6 months. Once all slots are taken booking is closed until the day the next booking period opens with no reserve or cancellation list being offered.  We usually operate 2-3 booking periods per year and will book for the next 4-6 months.
In person appointments are always daytime and usually weekdays, but some Skype evening appointment may be offered from time to time to make these more time zone friendly!

Skype sessions are booked in the same way, just tell  us when booking that you require the reading be done by Skype once you have been given your reading slot!

Tony’s next bookings period opens on …(please see note ABOVE IN RED )…….. You will need to email us prior to this date, in order to find out which months we have available appointments. We will respond with prices, time to call and up to date information for booking. Please email:  You will be given the time on this date that the next period opens and other details needed. If you wish to book simply contact us on that date and time advised!

On the date the booking for this period open we only give appointments to those that have emailed and requested information for this booking period. We do try to have enough available appointments for all those that emailed enquiring.
In-person readings take place at his Soul Space Centre in Billericay, Essex, UK.

Please note:We do not keep a waiting list for appointments and do not take names for future consideration.  As detailed above we only book for the next booking period and appointments released to us on that date. Sorry, Tony is unable to offer private consultations when on tour or to offer home visits! We are unable to recommend readers in your area, but we suggest contacting your nearest Spiritualist Church for a recommendation.