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Oct 12, 2023 | Media

Tony Stockwell Psychic Detection
In Anne Treherne's latest book "The Vortex", discover the chapter "Where there is Evil", which is dedicated to Tony's involvement in the search for answers with regards to the Moira Anderson murder case. Tony writes, "Of the many cases I've worked on, the Moira Anderson case got under my skin - I think about her a lot.  Right from the early psychometry on the pieces of glass I was handed during the filming of the TV series, I was picking up things about her that intrigued me, even though I had never heard of Moira Anderson."


Where there is Evil..

These words are so true.  Some psychic detection cases stay with you, and Moira’s is certainly one of those such cases.  I was touched by Ann Treherne’s recollection of our visit to the site of her disappearance back in 2015, in her latest book “The Vortex”.  Ann is one of the founders of The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh, and has been a friend of mine for many years.  She was kindly hosting me for a demonstration of mediumship at the centre, during which I connected with a man in spirit, who wanted to connect with a lady in the audience.  Little could I have known that this was Sandra Brown (his daughter) and he was in the epicentre of the Moira Anderson case.  What happened after that, is recalled in such wonderful detail by Ann, in a whole chapter called “Where there is Evil”.

I have spent decades working on psychic detection.  It is a part of my work that holds a special reverence.  It is an area of work where we are able to express our innate psychic and mediumship abilities.  It is challenging to work “in the dark”, in the sense that what you bring forward evidentially is unknown, especially to those whom are desperate for answers.  Unlike traditional mediumship, your clients are only able to confirm impressions of what they know to be true.  The mysteries are why you are being called to the work.  Yet, to find answers to such desperate situations, whether that be a missing person or a murder victim, you have to surrender to your own soul’s knowing and the spirit world’s desire to help bring healing to the victims and their families.  It really is a collaboration that takes patience and fortitude.  It is why I work hard to encourage other spirit workers to walk this path with me, for the greater good of the missing and in the hope of healing the loss.

I would highly recommend buying the book to read more, it can be found easily on Amazon here.