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#173 Closer to Venue: Mediumship and Connecting with the Spirit World with Tony Stockwell

May 9, 2024 | Tony's Blog, Videos & Podcasts

In this episode of Closer to Venus, Johnny Burke interviews Tony Stockwell, an internationally recognized psychic medium, teacher, and author.

About the Closer to Venus Podcast Episode

In this episode of Closer to Venus, Johnny Burke interviews Tony Stockwell, an internationally recognized psychic medium, teacher, and author. Stockwell shares his journey into mediumship from a young age, fostered by his experiences in a spiritualist church and his dedication to learning from historical spiritual texts. He discusses the evolution of mediumship, highlighting the importance of expanding beyond traditional evidential mediumship to include practices like shamanic mediumship and communication with star beings. Stockwell also touches on his experiences with trance mediumship, the difference between trance and channeling, and the significance of past life memories. Additionally, he provides insights into the process of connecting with spirits, emphasizing the role of both medium and recipient in successful communication. The episode concludes with Stockwell offering advice for those seeking to contact mediums and sharing his website for listeners interested in learning more about his work.

  • 00:00 Introduction to Tony Stockwell: Psychic Medium
  • 00:33 Tony’s Journey into Mediumship
  • 02:03 First Impressions of a Spiritualist Church
  • 03:49 The Origins and Evolution of Mediumship
  • 05:30 Personal Experiences with the Spirit World
  • 06:52 Evolving Communication with the Spirit World
  • 14:25 Exploring Shamanic Mediumship
  • 16:57 Mentoring Future Psychic Mediums
  • 19:37 The Debate on Medium Certification
  • 22:57 Shamanism and Past Lives Exploration
  • 24:02 Exploring the Soul’s Multifaceted Journey
  • 24:39 Past Life Memories and Their Impact
  • 25:50 Between Lives: Imagining the In-Between Space
  • 29:01 Ancient Civilizations and Psychic Abilities
  • 30:09 Incorporating Star Beings and Other Worlds in Mediumship
  • 30:50 The Art of Trance Mediumship vs. Channeling
  • 36:51 Spiritual Safeguards and Understanding the Afterlife
  • 41:33 Evidential Mediumship: Connecting with the Beyond
  • 45:02 Seeking Out a Good Medium: Tips and Observations

Additional Notes:

Differences between dreams and “encounters”a hybrid of shamanism and mediumship allows clients to be “co-creators.”A mediumship reading can sometimes only be as good as the recipientThe case for a medium not to ask yes or no questionsTony has been a trance medium since he was 19With trance mediumship, there is much less awareness of what is being saidWhat we leave behind when we pass that does not “belong” to the soulWhat moves into the other world is their essential soul’s being;their light body

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