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Dispute Resolution Process

Nov 13, 2023

This Dispute Resolution Policy outlines the procedures for resolving any disputes, disagreements, or conflicts that may arise between clients, or participants of our services or programs. We are committed to addressing concerns in a fair and efficient manner. 

  1. Communication – We encourage individuals with disputes to first attempt to resolve their concerns by engaging in open and respectful communication with the relevant party involved.    
  2. Mediation – If direct communication does not lead to a resolution, we suggest both parties agree to consider mediation as a means of resolving the dispute. In these instances, Tony and Stuart will offer to facilitate discussions between parties to assist in reaching an agreement.   
  3. Arbitration – In some cases where mediation has proven unsuccessful, it may be necessary for Tony Stockwell to decide as to the continued participation of the disputing parties on his courses/events, to ensure the successful delivery of his services to all his clients.   
  4. Decision – Tony Stockwell has the right to decide upon the continued participation of any student on his courses/events. In these instances, it will be dependent upon the individual circumstances of the dispute, as to whether a refund will be possible for either party.  Cases which involve abusive, disrespectful, inappropriate or aggressive behaviour by either party, will not receive refunds. 
  5. Confidentiality – all communications, whether oral or written, and any documents exchanged during the dispute resolution process shall remain confidential. 
  6. Compliance – All parties involved in the dispute resolution process agree to comply with the decisions made through the process. 
  7. Contact Information – For initiating dispute resolution or any questions related to this policy, please contact pa@tonystockwell.com