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The Soul Sanctuary

The gateway to spirit lies within a different conscious state.  To reach and maintain this shift in energetic connection, meditation is indeed the key to open the door into this unseen world.  Spiritual meditation is different from mindfulness.  It requires the conscious mind to quieten, yet the energetic body to expand it’s awareness.  Inside each of us is a soul-body, which has abilities beyond our physical senses.   It is through our connection with our own soul, that the magic unfolds.

I have spent years deepening my understanding of this type of meditation, through both my work with trance, mediumship and soul-to-soul work.  When we sit in this meditative space, our own soul and body receives both messages and healing energies from another dimension.  It nourishes and uplifts us and allows us to rise above earthly considerations.

The Soul Sanctuary, is my gift to you.  I can think of nothing more beneficial and sacred than knowing your own soul power and its connection to the greatest healing energy available to us all.   Whether you are looking for a sanctuary from some of your own life stresses or strain, or are looking to expand your soul-gifts as part of your spiritual development, this practice is the key to your journey.

I will be hosting regular FREE online meditations, which I hope you will join.  Let us sit together and see what your soul-self can bring to you, as part of your journey.  I have also created three unique meditations for you to purchase and download below, so you can create a regular practice of your own at home.

Let this be a gateway to your own spiritual growth and transformation.


Tony’s Meditations (digital download)