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The Exceptional One-to-One Reader


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For full prospectus and to request a booking form please email Info@TonyStockwell.Com

Using ‘One to One Reader’ in the subject header!

We are beyond excited to offer this exciting NEW programme entirely devoted to offering the best private readings (121 readings). This is the first time Tony has offered an extensive mentorship programme entirely devoted to this discipline, pouring his extensive practical knowledge of over 35 years offering readings and teaching mediumship, psychic, and spiritual development into becoming ‘The Exceptional One-To-One Reader’.

Monthly Teaching Meetings are held Mondays, UK Time Zone (GMT) 8.00 pm until 11 pm

(additional events times vary, see prospectus below)

Meeting Online from October 2024 to July 2025.

The Exceptional One-to-One Reader 

Immerse yourself in the transformative world of spiritual connection with the online programme hosted by the renowned Spiritual Medium, Tony Stockwell: The Exceptional One to One Reader. This unique course is designed to equip participants with the profound ability to tap into the energy of future recipients, offering them a deeply personal and enlightening experience.

Throughout this programme, attendees will delve into three distinct areas of spiritual connection, guided by Tony Stockwell’s expertise and insight. The first aspect focuses on Psychic abilities, where participants will learn to read the story of the recipients’ past, present, and future. By honing their Psychic skills, individuals will be empowered to provide clarity and guidance to those seeking answers and direction in their lives.

The second facet of the programme delves into Mediumship connection, teaching participants how to blend with Spirit loved ones, guides, and guardians. By establishing a profound connection with the spirit world, attendees will be able to convey messages of love, healing, and comfort from the other side, bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual realms.

The third dimension of this course, Soul to Soul, delves into the spiritual significance of this lifetime and encourages participants to embrace the gifts of the soul during their current incarnation. By recognizing the profound spiritual journey each individual is on, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of their purpose and path in this lifetime, fostering personal growth and enlightenment.

The ‘one to one’ aspect of this programme is pivotal, as participants will have the opportunity to engage in intimate connections with those seeking spiritual guidance. By being energetically held by Tony Stockwell, a leading expert in the field, attendees will be supported in their development and empowered to create profound and transformative experiences for those they connect with.

Join Tony Stockwell on this enlightening journey of spiritual discovery and connection with The Exceptional One to One Reader. Unlock the power of Psychic abilities, Mediumship connection, and Soul to Soul communication, and become a beacon of light and guidance for those seeking spiritual insight and enlightenment. Embark on this transformative experience and awaken to the limitless potential of your spiritual gifts.


Ten exclusive (to enrolled students) 3-hour online tutorials covering detailed and specific aspects of One-to-One Readings. Each webinar includes teaching from Tony, followed by practical exercises in small breakout groups. Each class will also include interactive discussion and solution-finding time relating to the topics covered in that session. Downloads will be available for these classes, so if you are unable to make a class there is no need to miss out!

Access to an exclusive and private Facebook support group.

3x One-To-One reading demonstrations – Tony invites you to observe him as he reads for an invited sitter. One reading will be evidential mediumship, one will be a psychic reading and one will be spiritual/spiritual assessment. Each session lasting around 45-mins to 1 hour. These readings are live events only and recordings will not be offered for these One-to-One readings.

1 clinic /problem solving session towards the end of the course where you will have the change to answer questions of Tony regarding development and any issues you have with your one-to-one readings.

Access to Tony Stockwell’s Private Reading Pool Facebook group, where you can practice readings and share ideas with Tony’s present and past programme students from around the world.  A great place to make worldwide work contacts too!

You are encouraged to ask questions regularly throughout this programme regarding any aspect of your development, and Tony will post answers on the exclusive Facebook group page in the form of replies or mini videos.  These will be created and posted when Tony is out and about on the road – worldwide traveller that he is!

Certification of attendance upon completion will be offered to students upon completion of the programme. You will email us at the end of the course and the certificate will be sent as a reply. Details on this will be posted in the Facebook Group at the end of the programme. To be eligible for certification you will be required to attend the majority of the live webinars.

An extended class refresher ‘Boot Camp’ workshop with Tony, to practice work to date where you will have to chance to read for invited guests. This is a live event only and a recording will be available for this session.

For full prospectus and to request a booking form please email Info@TonyStockwell.Com

Using ‘One to One Reader’ in the subject header!


Year Around Event (2024) BST (UK Timezone)(GMT+00:00)

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Tony Stockwell is the most recognised British Medium, working globally today.  With a career spanning more than 35 years, he continues to demonstrate both evidential and trance mediumship to worldwide audiences, with his uncanny ability to bring through the very essence of the spirit communicator in his heartfelt, yet humorous delivery.  Tony remains a passionate advocate for the continual advancement and development of spiritual communication.  As a world-leading tutor, he runs an expansive list of courses both in-person and online.

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